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Digipass - Mobile Banking Security Solutions

Conduit is pioneered in delivering Mobile Banking Security Solutions. DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security is the secured and user-friendly authenticator that can easily be integrated to meet the needs of any authentication process. VASCO Digipass can be customized and deployed rapidly without any extensive technical support guarantying strong security with the value for money.

Enhanced Application Security

DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security ensures a perfect and secure user authentication process. DIGIPASS is a simple application with self-protection features that lighten the caution due to most sophisticated hacking attacks.

  • Jailbreak & Root Detection: DIGIPASS ensures the security of mobile platforms by detecting if rooting or jailbreak is present on device. You can take action as per the result.
  • Application Hardening: DIGIPASS supports best in class hardening process that includes reverse engineering protection, secure storage, memory zeroing, and white box cryptography.
  • Device Binding: DIGIPASS securely links an authorized user to his authorized device(s). It can prevent duplicating or reusing of cryptographic keys.
  • Secure Channel Communications: DIGIPASS provides the integrity on digital transactions by delivering an independent, encrypted and cross-platform secured channel in between the server and the client device.
  • Enhanced Risk Analysis: DIGIPASS offers unique capabilities that are tailored into the authentication and signing processes based on device, platform and contextual elements.

Transparent User Experience

User experience is a critical factor for success or failure when it comes to user adoption of your mobile application. DIGIPASS – Mobile App Security Solutions offers user-friendly “two-factor authentication” and “e-signing” options that reasonably reduce “friction” from the equation:

  • QR Code Login: Users capture the QR code with a mobile device, enter a PIN code and can instantly log on to an application or validate the transaction.
  • Transparent OTP: It offers signing and easy authentication when a user is conducting an online session. It is flexible enough to provide transparent OTP or it generates an e-signature that is automatically directed to the designated server.
  • Multi-Device Support: DIGIPASS ensures that a user can securely leverage any pre-registered device for authentication and transaction signing.
  • Inter-Application Security: Only upon successful security checks, DIGIPASS as OTP/signature provider generates the OTP for the mobile application.
  • TouchID Support: DIGIPASS for Mobile provide additive measure of security with support for Touch ID as a fingerprint biometrics ensures only the right user gains the right access.

Streamlined Integration of Mobile App Security Solutions

DIGIPASS was created as a turn-key solution to streamline the process of Application development and deployment that requires only a simple configuration to deploy.

  • Customization: A complete set of branding and publishing tools, localization capabilities, flexible menu and form design options, and granular security and policy tools; fully customizable GUI.
  • Provisioning: DIGIPASS for mobile enable set up configuration through both online provisioning protocols and offline "fallback" options.
  • Implementation: DIGIPASS offers a complete suite of implementation options. It includes full-service support for parameter selection, testing, design, customization, App store publishing, multi-device provisioning, and training.
  • Platform Support: Most common mobile device platforms, including iPhone (iOS 7.1 and higher), Android (2.3 and higher), Blackberry (Blackberry Native 10.1 and higher) and Windows (Windows Phone 8 and higher). It supports Eight different crypto-applications, allows an extended use in different settings such as IVR, online connections, offline transactions, signatures etc
Mobile Banking Security Solutions

Models & Specification

Element Details
Response Only
  • Response length from 6 to 16 decimal/hexadecimal
  • Check Digit 
  • 256 seconds Time Step
  • AES/Triple DES Encryption Algorithm
  • Time only, event only or time + event-based
  • Length from 4 to 10 Decimal/Hexadecimal
  • Up to 8 customizable data fields 
  • Data field length from 4 to 16 digits
  • 256 seconds time step
PIN Management
  • PIN length options: no PIN or 4 to 250 digits
  • Max number of wrong entries from 1 to 9 
  • On wrong PIN: invalid password generation or reset 
  • PIN check options : Checksum/Hashcode/None
  • PIN change option 
Standard algorithms 
  • HOTP 
  • TOTP
  • OCRA
  • Push Notifications


DIGIPASS for Mobile DIGIPASS for Mobile balances the need for stronger application security with demands for user convenience by delivering comprehensive, built-in security for your mobile applications, combined with a frictionless, “hands-free” authentication and e-signing experience for your mobile users.

Make It Mobile How to successfully implement a secure mobile strategy. Mobile applications are changing the way business is done, offering instant access to services for your users. And the conveniences of mobile applications can yield many benefits: mobile apps can save time, reduce cost, and accelerate business, boosting everything from workforce productivity to customer loyalty.

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