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Caching Solutions is the performance indication in terms of speed of internet with Pre Saved content delivery for the World Wide Web. With the increase in traffic on web, users normally face delays as well as hindrance in Data/Content Delivery. Conduit’s Caching Solution is one of the key indicators that have been evolved to improve web performances. Web Cache server for ISPs, Enterprises, Schools/Colleges and other Business Verticals will be helpful for cost and time saving internet access with better Bandwidth control. Conduit is the Exclusive partner with ApplianSys, UK – Cachebox in India Region. Appliansys Cachebox is the highest selling enterprise solution that we are currently dealing with.

We focus customers across the globe in all shapes and sizes due to the versatility and scalability of it. Multidimensional Businesses like Education Sectors, Multi-National Companies, Public Sectors, Small & Large Businesses, Shipping Industries and Hotels will get more out of their limited bandwidth due to Appliansys Cachebox.

  • Taking longer time to Download Large files in seconds?
  • Taking longer time to download the often accessed webpages?
  • Paying head banging amount for the Internet usage?

Conduit’s Pre-Caching feature is the best solution which will provide you an incredible speed to load your often accessed webpages. With the help of our solution, you will end up with lesser Internet Bill Payment. It is also easy to migrate and configure the Original Squid with Cachebox.

Understanding your Requirements:

  • Your users are getting frustrated due to slower Internet Connectivity?
  • You want to use smoothly more bandwidth-hungry content, like YouTube videos?
  • Your bandwidth is already full or it might be too expensive?
  • You want to add more users without overloading your network?
  • You need to monitor and control what websites your users are visiting?

Caching Server stores local copies of web pages & objects, serves them to internet users as a fast access of it. The combination of high performances provides security, reliability and optimum utilisation of data that will solve the issues of end users.

CACHEBOX is the ultimate solution because Conduit is focused on providing value added services to the Managers as well as to the End uses.

Appliansys Cachebox

  • 40 % Bandwidth Saving
  • Better Internet Experience
  • Monitor and control internet usage
  • Better performances - Time & Money saving solution
  • World-class service delivery
  • Affordable pricing

As we target Multidimensional Businesses, customers come in all shapes and sizes. CACHEBOX’s range is also flexible, as per your requirements. So we can fit a solution as per your business needs.

We understand your Business values and feel free to Contact Us for better clarity.



CACHEBOX200 CACHEBOX200 series is designed for your network core. It combines feature rich caching software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format.


CACHEBOX230 CACHEBOX230 with its performance and SSD and HDD storage mix, is ideal for enterprises, large schools, and ISPs.


CACHEBOX310 CACHEBOX310 has the performance and large storage suited for the core of a large-enterprise network.

CACHEBOX for Education

CACHEBOX for Education This CACHEBOX range is ideal for educational use. It combines rich caching software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format.


CACHEBOX for ISP’s The CACHEBOX range is ideal for Internet Service Providers. It combines feature rich caching software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format.

Usage Small School/Very Small ISP/Branch Office Small School/Very Small ISP/Branch Office Medium School / Small ISP Enterprise / Mediup ISP / Large School Enterprise / Mediup ISP / Large School
*Performance (HTTP Requests Per Second) 400 HTTP request / Second 40 Mbps 1300 HTTP requests/ second 100 Mbps 2500 HTTP requests/ 250+Mbps 3600 HTTP requests/ Second 500+Mbps
Disk Drives / Cache storage 1xHDD Object Storage 2xHDD Object Storage 2x SSD, 1x HDD Object Storage 2x SSD, 1x HDD Object Storage
Ethernet (NICs) 1 or 2 x 10/100/1000 2 x 10/100/1000 2 x 10/100/1000
Flash Storage 1 x OS & 1 x data 1 x OS & 1 x data 1 x OS & 1 x data
OS Linux Linux Linux
Form Factor Small Form Factor Desktop Unit 19” 1U Rack-mountable 19” 1U Rack-mountable 19” 1U Rack-mountable
Power 100-240V AC 100-240V AC 100-240V AC
Max Power 80W 220W 220W

Features & Benefits

  • Fully featured caching, caching software support HTTP
  • Flash Video Caching (You Tube, Google Video etc.)
  • Software update caching (MS Windows, AV Software etc.)
  • Pre-fetching and mirroring of content.
  • Secure web administration interface.
  • Operating system runs from ready only industrial Compact Flash.
  • SNMP support allow the box to be monitored by standard networking tools.
  • Support custom ACLs.
  • Logging.
  • Forward transparent, explicit and interception deployment models including Bridge mode with Fail-toWire resiliency*
  • Clustering, load balancing and hierarchies.
  • WCCP Support (v.2, GRE and Layer 2).
  • IP spoofing.
  • Support custom ACLs.
  • Active Directory integration via NTLM authentication.
  • Firewall with NAT forwarding for networking flexibility.

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